Community Institutions

ICBN provides K–12 public schools, libraries, public safety agencies, community colleges, and other government institutions with vital connections, speed, and bandwidth to enhance public safety, improve education, strengthen commerce, and deliver world-class health care.

The network provides the backbone for advancing the communication, cooperation and efficiency between public health, public safety, and public education institutions, while increasing the opportunity for public-private partnerships, collaboration, and commerce.



An institution’s connection to ICBN grants the community access to high-tech infrastructure that enables innovation, collaboration, and growth in the State of Maryland and around the world.

To learn if your institution is capable of connecting to ICBN, and find out more about the connection process, please contact your local jurisdiction or call ICBN at 800-497-7073 or via email at



In order to create globally competitive graduates, we have to make sure there’s a digital learning environment in every single school for every single student in every single community.

Baltimore County Public School Superintendent, Dr. Dallas Dance

Broadband is the backbone of a strong communications infrastructure. It expands jobs and educational opportunities, and increases our competitiveness in a global marketplace.

Congressman John K. Delaney (MD – 6th District)