ICBN provides businesses the technology pipeline they need to grow, compete, and create new jobs.

The speed and capacity made possible through our fiber optic network increases workplace productivity, efficiency, and sales. The network creates new opportunities for businesses of all sizes to offer goods and services to public and private sector clients and customers regionally, nationally, and globally.



A connection to ICBN provides businesses with advanced opportunities to link individual locations to one high-speed network; store, access, and share data faster and at a lower cost; offer and sell products and services to key entities connected to ICBN; and to obtain a sophisticated Internet connection less expensively.

To learn if your business is capable of connecting to ICBN and find out more about the connection process, please contact your carrier or ICBN directly.

If interested in dark fiber leasing opportunities, please contact ICBN directly.


I’ve had small business owners come to me that I never would have thought their types of business needed these speeds. It just has the potential to really change the type of businesses that come in and the type of jobs they create.

Carroll County Economic Development Administrator, Jon Weetman

The kinds of businesses that can develop when you have the widespread availability of high speed capacity broadband is much, much greater.

Carroll County Councilman, Robert Wack

We’re able to ship plants all over the United States. A viable online presence is integral for any emerging business.

Ray Greenstreet of Greenstreet Gardens (Millersville)